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The Elevate Festival Beer will in 2020 again be brewed by the private brewery Trumer, which embrace a forward-thinking approach to beer culture and wants to reach people who consciously enjoy and appreciate good beer as a high-quality produce. They create beers with character and unique taste that are a pleasure to drink and are a declaration of love for life. In addition to brewing beer, there are two other ambitious projects that Trumer is involved in:

Einfach Leben Podcast

Trumer wants to inspire and encourage. In their "Einfach Leben Podcast" extraordinary people who share these values, look optimistically into the future and see the glass as half full.


Einfach Leben Forum

Since 2019, the "Einfach Leben Forum" stands for a courageous and forward-looking format that brings together gastro-affine forward thinkers. It is intended to provide input for change - with a diverse and varied programme consisting of discussions, lectures, concerts, culinary contributions and artistic interventions.

Next edition, save the Date: November 2020!

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