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Welcome on board, this news ticker provides you with the latest news and updates on the 2020 festival edition of Elevate.

19:00: Join the allmighty acousmonium tonight at 19:30 for the last time at Elevate Festival 2020. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and let the sounds take you away .. btw: the Mumuth has changed its colour to a  bright and loveable elegreen – go check it out!



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Sonntag, 08.03.2020

19:00: ".. am Ende wird alles Gudrun Gut!" > For the closing concert, Gudrun Gut & Michael Rother invite the audience on a journey into the past and present of avant-garde music. Let's celebrate Elevate Festival's showdown with these two icons at Orpheum Extra, 20:00!

18:15: Elevate Festival's Discourse Programme closes today with a special Shakuhachi concert by Adrian Freedman > join us at 19:15 at Forum Stadtpark! 

17:00: To refresh your memory of the penultimate day of the festival, you can check out the pictures here!


14:30: To get into the right mood for tonight's closing concert w/ Gudrun Gut & Michael Rother, head over to Rechbauer Kino at 15:30  to catch a special screening of "Conny Bank - The Potential of Noise", followed by an audience discussion with Michael Rother.

13:00: Join Nayantara Ranganathan & Manuel Beltrán, the artists behind the "Persuasion Lab (", today from 14:00 - 19:00 at esc medien kunst labor before they leave Elevate Festival 2020. The installation continues until March 11.

09:00: Elevate yourself on this last day of the festival! Whether you are dancing to the tunes of Bookworms at Parkhouse, are on your way to Forum Stadtpark to catch today's first session of the discourse programme or are still asleep, we wish you a wonderful day with Elevate!

Samstag, 07.03.2020

21:30: For tonight we have provided a worthy final for the Elevate Festival 2020 club programme: on 3 floors you will find modern music between progressive club sounds, exciting live concerts, rousing beats and electro-acoustic experiments. Start: 22:00!

20:15: Jimi Tenor honoured us with a visit and has put his musical stamp on the Schlossberglift - did you manage to check it out yesterday? If not then tonight might be your chance, my friend: get in and get elevated! > 

19:00: Join the allmighty acousmonium tonight at 19:30 for the last time at Elevate Festival 2020. Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and let the sounds take you away .. btw: the Mumuth has changed its colour to a  bright and loveable elegreen – go check it out!

15:30: Join Atropa at 16:30 when they take over the Parkhouse Graz!

15:00: Charlemagne Palestine and Katharina Klement will play the carillon and the organ at Mariahilferkirche, starting at 16:00!

13:00: Roi Vaara invites us for a city walk of the special kind - 14:00 at Hauptplatz Graz.


10:00: In one hour the famous "Red Light Radio" from Amsterdam will visit Elevate Festival for the first time! Stop by at Parkhouse!

08:00: Good morning to all the Elevators out there! Are you ready to start with us in the second to last (!!) day of Elevate Festival 2020? Under the theme of "Climate Crisis - What Now?" the discourse programme invites you to Forum Stadtpark at 10:00. If you can't make it tune in to our Livestream!

Friday, 06.03.2020

22:00: .. and also the Tunnel will open its doors for you! Stop by at 23:00 and join the fun!

21:00: The moment some of you out there have been waiting for is here: Put on your dancing shoes and join the Elevate Club at Dom im Berg starting at 22:00!

19:00: The INA GRM will join Elevate Festival 2020 tonight with its Acousmonium – a sound diffusion system that consists of 50 loudspeakers. Stop by at 19:30 at Mumuth Graz!

18:30: The Club Programme starts today at the Orpheum with two international music pioneers: Gilles Peterson, one of the festival's headliners this year, and Sir Peter Rodigan. Mama Feelgood & Mr. Farmer will open the Red Bull Music Stage at 19:30!

18:00: Join the discussion about utopias and dystopias of technological developments at a large discussion round at 19:00 at the Forum Stadtpark and to finish today's discourse programme we could watch the movie „Human Nature“ at 21:00 – check out the trailer!

17:00: Stop by Orpheum Extra today at 18:00 to catch Gilles Peterson in conversation with Joe Muggs > free Entry!

15:00: See the second day of Elevate Festival 2020 in pictures here!

13:00: If you didn't manage to walk into Depart's Entropy Gardens at the Festival opening on Wednesday, you can experience it today and tomorrow at Forum Stadtpark Keller from 14:00 – 20:00.

08:00: We wish you a wonderful start in this third day of Elevate Festival 2020! "Quo Vadis Techology?" is the topic of today's discourse programme at Forum Stadtpark - join us or watch the lectures, performances and panel discussions via livestream!

Thursday, 05.03.2020

22:00: Join a Dunkelkammer Special at 23:00 with the danish Saxophone player Mia Dynberg and The International Nothing, a clarinet duo based in Berlin, at Forum Stadtpark Keller.

21:00: If you didn't manage to snag tickets for the event at Mausoleum, stop by Parkhouse for a friendly takeover by the Grrrls DJ Crew, starting at 22:00 > free entry!

16:00: We hope you already scored tickets for the event at Mausoleum tonight at 19:30 (Hatis Noit & Vincent Moon, Peter Kutin, Dorian Concept & Zanshin) because the pre-sale is sold out - there are still a few tickets available at the box office so be quick!

14:00: You can find videos of yesterday's opening show here!

12:00: The Viennese transformation psychologist Irina Nalis will kick of today's discourse programme at 13:00 with an introductory lecture about the psychological questions surrounding the festival theme „Human Nature“. If you can't make it to Forum Stadtpark you can watch the whole discourse programme here!

10:00: Elevate yourself today at 11:00 at Schlossberglift with the opening of Jimi Tenor's sound installation. The finnish musician will present his tailor-made numbers that will keep you in a good mood throughout the year.

08:00: Good morning Elevaters! We hope you had a blast at last night's opening ceremony - here you can see all the pictures of the spectacle! We will keep you updated on all the happenings of the second festival day right here, so keep it locked!

Wednesday, 04.03.2020

18:30: See you at Orpheum in one hour! For those of you who can’t make it, we‘re streaming the whole show live!

08:30: The day has finally arrived: Elevate Festival 2020 launches at 19:30 at Orpheum Graz. If you can’t wait until tonight, visit the festival centre at Forum Stadtpark and get your merch and information. Open from 12:00 - 20:00 every day of the festival. From Thursday onwards, the Elevate discourse programme will be held there as well. 

Tuesday, 03.03.2020

10:00: Elevate the Campus invites you to the conference "Confronting Climate Breakdown - with Science, Activism and Courage" today at 11:00 at Meerscheinschlössl Graz.

Monday, 02.03.2020

18:30: Join the panel discussion at Resowi Center with Right Livelihood Award Laureate Nnimmo Bassey (Health of Mother Earth Foundation) and Josef Obermoser (Crossroads, Elevate) at 19:00. Afterwards the premiere of the movie "2040 - We save the Planet" will take place.

17:00: The smallest gallery invites you to join the opening of the exhibition of the Berlin based artists and researcher Claudius Schulze at 18:00.

The photograph shows a scene from the Chaos Communication Congress, a meeting of the international hacker scene that takes place in Germany over several days. Every year about 17'000 people attend lectures and workshops on technical and socio-political issues related to security, cryptography, privacy, and freedom of speech.

09:00: Elevate the Campus!

At SchubertNEST the Workshop Action Day will take place between 10:00 and 18:00 with discussions, lectures and workshops. 

Sunday, 01.03.2020

15:00: In cooperation with esc medien kunst labor, Elevate Festival is presenting a new installation by Nayantara Ranganathan from India and Manuel Beltrán from Spain, which explores ideas emerging from and will take place in Graz from March 1st to March 11th.

Join today's opening at 17:00!

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