Gear up for the future: with our DIY climate booths

@ FORUM STADTPARK - SUN.25.10.2009 12:00 to 20:00 CET

Climate change tends to be seen as the result of failed politics. But the causes lay deeper: certain subjects of an economy act against each other's interests in international as well as in terms of the nation state. It's always the fault of the others who want to eat twice a day, as German chancellorette Angela Merkel rightfully stated.

'Climate machines' like portable heaters for example enabled humanity to adapt to any climate in the 19th century, creating 'climate-independent artificial man' (Friedrich Nietzsche). But the climatic challenges of the 21st century want to be tackled with a new generation of climate machines: adjusting the climate to man’s needs is no longer the aim, it has to be the other way around.
In a workshop and with lectures the art group monochrom wants to convey the knowledge required to build climate booths enabling you to train your personal adaptability to the extreme weather conditions of the future, today. Success in your job and with your choice of sexual partners is guaranteed! On top of that you have the opportunity to get a whiff of tomorrow's climate in our climate booths 'sand storm' and 'snow storm', and to gain precious experience. There's a lot to endure, let's get started.

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