Elevate Awards

Elevate Awards 2014

Friday, 03 October 2014

For the third time, the Elevate Festival recognizes the people, initiatives and projects that contribute positively, sustainably and innovatively to society. The public voting runs until 15 October.

In the three categories "Steiermark", "Artivism" and "International", dedicated projects and people will be awarded. While there is an online public voting for the categories "Steiermark" and "Artivism", the "International" Award is determined by an international jury.

Here are the finalists for each category:

- Barcamp Graz
- Genuss am Fluss / Užitek ob reki
- KAMA Graz
- Man schützt nur, was man kennt!
- RepairCafe Graz

Online Audience Vote from 01. - 15. Oktober at the Kleine Zeitung and here.

- Crossroads Festival
- Feed and Bleed
- Partycipation
- Sorry, we're fucked
- Warteräume

Online Audience Vote from 01. - 15. Oktober at FM4 and here.

Winner: Nadim Kobeissi - Cryptocat

Take the chance and vote for your favorite projects now! As you might know, our Sweet Crowdfunding campaign where you can raise the prize money for the winners, is still running. Snacking for a good cause - support meaningful projects!

All winners will be announced at the Elevate Awards Show on Sunday at Dom im Berg, which will also be the final event of the festival. Entry is free and we will walk towards this Sunday night on the red carpet with our host, Herr Hermes. It will be a good night.

Hashtag for this Event: #ElevateAwards