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Jacob Appelbaum (us)

Jacob Appelbaum is post-national independent computer security researcher, journalist hacktivist and artist, currently doing is PhD in post-quantum cryptography. As a core member of Tor, a free software network designed to provide online anonymity, he trains interested parties globally on how to effectively use and contribute to the Tor network. He is part of a greater network of people associated to the Snowden-affair, while his work focusses on surveillance, privacy and anonymity. He is the co-founder of the hackerspace 'Noisebridge' in San Francisco aswell as the ambassador of the international art and theory group 'monochrom'. He appeared in the the Oscar winning (Best Documentary 2015) film 'Citizenfour' by Laura Poitras and was recently collaborating on an art project with Ai Weiwei. Due to his work for the revealing platform WikiLeaks he caught the attention of US secret service, who where observing and harrasing him. Following the advice of his lawyer not to enter the US again, Jacob lives and works in Berlin.

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