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Depart (at)

Wednesday, 28 Feb 2018

21:30 - 00:15 Orpheum Extra

Friday, 02 Mar 2018

19:30 - 00:30 Orpheum Extra

Leonhard Lass and Gregor Ladenhauf are DEPART. Their projects explore the poetic depths of field between text, image and sound and range from installation pieces to performances and AV live shows. DEPART strives to create unique moments that are coined by formally rigorous and profound aesthetics.

They unite precision and emotion in an abstract and multi-faceted discoball to mirror fragments of the audiences experience.For this purpose Lass and Ladenhauf have chosen the path of confusion and camouflage tactics, served up on a silver platter.
DEPART have a clear incentive: to leave you with an immediate, yet timeless mark.

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