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from 04.03.2018 on at: Lendhotel Graz

Sunday, 04 Mar 2018

12:00 - 22:00 Lendhotel Graz

The work "OrigamiRhombi" by the Belgian artist group LAb[au] is being created as part of a new cooperation between the Elevate Festival and the Marko Hotels. Founded in 1997 in Brussels, the art of the LAb[au] group has made a name for itself internationally. A long list of exhibitions - including the Seoul Museum of Art, the Biennale di Venezia and the MOMA New York - underline this impressively. In their multi-dimensional installations, they most often work on the boundaries of architecture and digital technologies. Their concern: to challenge contemporary aesthetics and semiotics through algorithmic, conceptual thinking using geometry, color, light and movement.

The commissioned work "OrigamiRhombi" will be set up during the Elevate Festival in the foyer of the Lendhotel Graz. From the 4th of march it can be seen as part of the extensive collection of the hotel.

Starts 04.03.2018 at Lendhotel Graz.

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