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The Lacuna Shifts

VR-Installation by depart in cooperation with Soundframe and Diagonale Graz

Friday, 02 Mar 2018

20:15 - 00:15 Orpheum Extra

The virtual reality installation "The Lacuna Shifts" by the artist duo DEPART transports visitors into a parallel world of digital architecture, sound art and literary cross-references. The visitor first enters a wood-paneled room, puts on VR glasses and dives down through a mirror-like disk into a world, in which physical laws, customary proportions and any logics of reality appear to be suspended. Objects begin to speak with one, the (completely immersive) space is constantly changing, voices from the off recite poetic fragments - Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland", his successor "Through the Looking-glass" and poetry straight out of the quill of DEPART themselves. The installation challenges the fusion of consciousness and virtuality. The visitor is confronted with the deceptive component of all spatial-, world- and reality-perceptions.

The work will be presented in Graz in cooperation with the Diagonale and the Soundframe Festival on the 28th of February during the Elevate opening show. At the festival it can be visited on the opening night until shortly after midnight and on Friday, March 2nd, during the Elevate concert series in the Orpheum Extra.

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