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Martin Balluch graduated with a diploma in Mathematics and Astronomy with distinction from the University of Vienna. He then attended the University of Heidelberg, where he composed his dissertation on mathematical physics. Afterwards, he worked at the University of Cambridge at the Institute of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. For twelve years, Martin held positions as a researcher and university assistant at the Universities of Vienna, Heidelberg, and Cambridge, during which time he published 18 scientific papers. From 2000-2005, Martin studied philosophy at the University of Vienna, and graduated with a dissertation on animal rights philosophy, also available in book form. In 1999, Martin founded the Austrian Vegan Society with several others, and is now the Chairman of the Association Against Factory Farms. In recognition of his role in the animal welfare field, he received the Myshkin Ethics Prize at the Theatre de l’Odeon in Paris in 2012.

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