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Errorsmith (de)

Saturday, 03 Mar 2018

01:00 - 02:00 Dom Im Berg

Berlin’s Errorsmith has been a respected figure in Germany’s club scene since the mid ‘90s. Through his own releases and his collaborations as part of MMM (with Berghain resident Fiedel) and Smith n Hack (with Soundstream/Soundhack), Errorsmith plays with the boundaries of dance music genres for an openness leading to new rhythmic and sonic shapes. Rooted in the club, his music is crafted with an ear for experimentalism, making for some deliciously intriguing physicality. His DJ mixes share a similar philosophy, disregarding genre norms in favor of body-moving eclectic musicality. Renowned for his popular synthesizer plug-in Razor, developed for Native Instruments, his self-built software instruments form the basis of both his productions and live sets. His collaborative 12” with Mark Fell via the PAN label was a popular release in 2015, listed in many end of year charts, e.g. in the Wire magazine and FACT mag. A new live set deputed at Unsound festival 2016, which was one of the „Five key performances“ for Resident Advicer. Some 20 years into his career, 2017 sees the release of the long awaited ‘Superlative Fatigue’ album on PAN.

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