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BREAKING NEWS: DJ Koze & Co indoors

As much as we love the idea - winter is stronger! Instead of spring, the Elevate now heralds the Ice Saints. DJ Koze, Roman Flügel and co were about to set up a sound paradise joined by singing birds and the first spring-blazing sun rays - open air on top of the Schlossberg. Due to the current weather conditions we had to move into the warmth of a former Variety Theater, called the „Orpheum“. Not even the best sound system in the world helps against the Siberian frostiness coming to Graz in the next few days. And obviously, outdoor heatings are as elegant for the green footprint as ski lifts against glacier meltdowns.

Luckily, the new location for DJ Koze & co on Saturday, 3rd of March, is far more than only a bad weather alternative: The theater hall from the late 19th century not only provides superb acoustics but also a large gallery with balconies over the huge dance floor. Together with the 1960s foyer you quickly feel like James Bond in the disco. Or like Coco Chanel and Igor Strawinsky. In any case, together with Red Bull Music and our stage designers, we are transforming the Orpheum into a surreally beautiful temple of techno-hedonism!

Get the last tickets quickly! Despite the onset of winter they go away surprisingly fast like the hotcakes!

Elevate Festival
INDOOR open air

Saturday, 03. March 2018 // 14:00 - 23:00
Orpheum, Graz
With: DJ Koze, Roman Flügel, Steffi, Ison

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