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Winter storm over Ireland: Federico Albanese instead of Peter Broderick

The cold wave demands a lot from our artists this year: Peter Broderick is stuck in the Irish Siberian snowstorm. Since tonight the storm is sweeping across the Western European island. All flights to and from Ireland have been canceled. Unfortunately, Peter can not leave the country.

Now someone else is playing the grand piano in the Graz Mausoleum tonight: The Italian composer, pianist and music producer Federico Albanese has agreed immediately. In April he starts his tour all over Europe with his new album "By the Deep Sea". In Graz there is already a super spontaneous prelude tonight.

Like Broderick, Federico Albanese extends the repertoire of classical music with the repetitive patterns of electronic ambient music in his epic sound worlds. Minimalistic piano melodies meet string arrangements and various electronica. Album titles such as "The Houseboat and the Moon" (2014), "The Blue Hour" (2016) or the recently released "By The Deep Sea" (2018) trace the sea as an archaic yearning point. His musical hybrids often sound like echoes of the open ocean. For "Galactic Boredom" he received the "Prize of the German Record Critics" in 2012 in the category "Best Independent Album". He himself says about his music, it follows the "special moment when opposites are so close that they almost touch each other. The moment when there is still light, but still no total darkness. A world in between, uncertain, dare and flowing in shadows. "

We are very happy that Federico Albanese has agreed immediately and is already on the plane to Graz!

Tonight, following stereoist and Mario Batkovic from 20:00 - 23:00 in the mausoleum.

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