Electronic music has always been devoted to the idea of progress—the possibility that advancement holds. Now, many decades on, though, things have calicified. Critics claim "electronic music is dead," and noted commentator Simon Reynolds has recently published a book with the subtitle "Pop culture's addiction to its own past." We were promised jet packs, and we got Deadmau5. Where do we go from here? That will be the discussion, as Resident Advisor's Todd L. Burns talks to producers Raz Mesinai, Maria Minerva and Hype Williams, alongside author Simon Reynolds (live via videostream) and electronic media expert Konrad Becker.
Raz Mesinai aka Badawi (The Index, ROIR / us)
Konrad Becker (monoton / at)
Maria Minerva (Not Not Fun, 100% Silk / ee)
Hype Williams (Hippos In Tanks, Hyperdub / uk)
Simon Reynolds (- / uk)

Moderation: Todd L. Burns