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WORKSHOP: Map the Future

Saturday, 03 Mar 2018

10:30 - 13:30 Forum Stadtpark

Society, the economy or global ecosystems are always in transition. Everyone participates in these developments by individual action and accepting or rejecting certain developments. We are at a moment where our decisions will have an significant impact on future generations. The design of the future lies in our hands. We can contribute to a sustainable living for everyone on this planet by individual action or as collectives, associations or within other institutions.

Already many people do a lot for environmental and social justice and sustainability, to create new forms of economy that is appropriate for the needs of the people. However, many of these initiatives and projects are not visible.

Map the Future wants to make them visible. Our method is creating online maps – we use the tool Transformap. Have you ever asked yourself: Where can you find organic food or an open space nearby? We can you repair your utensils or got it prepared? Or an free book sharing shelve or yoga nearby? Who are the actors of change? No matter if these initiatives are within a network like Transition Town, Commons, Solidarity Economy, the Economy of the common good or not branded within one of these networks.

The workshop Map The Future invites you to discuss the role of maps and visibility of these initiatives in the process of transitions. Further, we want you knowledge or secret places and initiatives that are already practicing these transitions.

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