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Risk: Art and Activism

Taking Matters Further

Saturday, 03 Mar 2018

16:30 - 18:00 Forum Stadtpark

 “I don’t want art that points to a thing. I want art that is the thing” - Tania Bruguera

This quote by artist Tania Bruguera encompasses the act of ‘doing’ that activist art is grounded in—that it is not simply enough for art to ‘point to’ or reference political action, but that it should be actively entrenched and entangled in it. Some artists risk their careers, or even their lives, in order to speak out and engage in civil disobedience, direct action, and other forms of resistance against the state and corporate entities. In the context of the theme Risk/Courage, this panel seeks to highlight artists whose work actively undermines, dismantles, and puts into question systems of power, control, and exploitation. We want to engage with artists and artistic movements that not only point to inequalities in society, but simultaneously create and put forth new narratives that address political and social issues.

Our invited panelists engage in activism through a spectrum of artistic practices, often taking place in the public arena, empowering individuals and communities through their work.

Co-curated with the TodaysArt Festival from The Hague.

This event is part of the We Are Europe festival cooperation!

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